About Us

About Tascostar

We provide medical products and are committed to become the most professional medical equipments supplier.  We do not have a long history but we are proud of the clients we service.  At Tascostar we ask, “Why predict the future when you can create it?” From our earliest days, our company has used the tools of Excellent Quality , combined with a little inspiration, to create the world of tomorrow. 

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We strive to provide you with the best in curated products & services

Tasco Medical LLC has gained the trust of various companies and manufacturers worldwide.

Tasco Star is a medical equipment trading company under the mother company of Tasco General Trading which is currently making its name in the market dealing with consumer product lines.

We at Tasco Star specialized in medical equipment’s, machines for hospitals, clinics and primary care that integrate with medical related concerns. Always committed in providing consumers quality and the best possible products. Our business principles are rooted in our personal faith and beliefs.

We strive to provide an exceptional product lines that are of high safety standards trust and quality. We are entrenched in our personal faith and beliefs in showing humanity, respect and fairness towards all.

Tasco Star is enthusiastic of generating new opportunities and create practices for new doors of endless potential. We have the capacity to excel on what we commit. We established sincere and lasting partnership.

At Tascostar we ask, “Why predict the future when you can create it?” From our earliest days, our company has used the tools of Excellent Quality , combined with inspiration, to create the world of tomorrow.

Our Vision

Tasco Star aims constantly to magnify the boundaries of competence and capability of premier quality of services in the diversified field of medical allied. With our commitment to delighting customer satisfaction in energizing potentials and valuing differences wherein excellence and efficiency will be bound together to be the best medical trading company in UAE. To provide more opportunities of gratifying business relationship with the community, by renewing its collective commitment of serving its customers whose trust and patronage has allowed to continue its corporate existence.

Our Mission

Tasco Star conveys proficient performance, with a blend of Multi-disciplinary manpower, and services thereby gratifying the desires of valued customers and continually striving for excellence in the services we provide. We lead by example through commitment that empowers the organization at every level to strive for the highest levels of quality where employees find an exceptional place to work.

We stimulated by the energy of entrepreneurism, Tasco Star is dedicated in providing safe and reasonable health-enhancing and consumable products quicker to the lives of society where we work and live. With our commitment and true capacity of serving people, our existence is here to maintain a long – time partnership between Tasco Star and the consumers in pursuing well-intentioned projects and relevant programs that will address the needs of everybody.

Tasco Star is here to make a difference.

Core Values

Tasco Star is aiming to develop beyond our expectations. Along that are those entities who have patronized our products and our committed core mover of the company.  Behind this development and accomplishment are the core values we uphold and inculcate in our self.
Our dedication and commitment towards our core values are made possible through the passion and energy of our steadfast field force.

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