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We are proud to present you our complete line of Urine Analysers and strips. From the mid-sized Uri-Screen 500 (semi automated) up to the fully automated Uri-Screen XL. The machines are produced in Europe (Germany) and together with the high quality strips we offer they make an excellent choise for any lab, small or big. The strips are also being produced in Europe and are capable of withstanding high humidity and they have virtually no run over effects. Just contact us for advise about which machine and strip might best suit your local situation.

For more information drop us a mail or call us on: +971 4 2696522

Uri-Screen XL - Fully automated Urine Strip Reader

This is the flagship in our Uri-Screen Line. Fully automated strip reader that will suit even the large labs. Machine will be delivered with everything you need to get the machine up and running within one hour. Produced in Europe, this machine is very easy to operate (big LCD touch screen) and easy to maintain. All the parts that might ever need to be replaced are easy to access and changing parts is very simple. More info on this analyser can also be found on our download page (there you can download our Urinalysis flyer).

  • Made in Europe

  • Can be connected to any lab or hospital system

  • Very easy to operate

  • Throughput of 250 tests per hour

  • Integrated barcode reader

  • Loading of up to 100 samples at once possible

Uri-Screen 500

Proven technology for over 10 years. Our Uri-Screen 500 is the perfect solution for mid-size labs. This semi-automated urine strip reader is capable of running up to 500 tests per hour. The results can be printed directly (built-in thermo printer) or the results can be send to any LIS system in the lab or hospital (host protocal available on demand). The Uri-Screen 500 reader makes use of the Uri-Screen 11 strips (sold in tubes per 150 strips).

  • Made in Europe

  • Very sturdy design

  • Simple to run and maintain

  • Multi language operation

  • Can store up to 999 results in onboard memory

  • Can be connected to any LIS system

Uri-Screen SMART Strips

This is an example of our Uri-Screen SMART line of strips (visual reading only). Our line of Uri-Screen strips is suited for the Uri-Screen 500 and XL analysers. Our newer line of Uri-Screen SMART strips are only suited for visual reading and do not run on the Uriscreen 500 or XL!

  • Excellent Value for Money

  • High Quality - for visual reading

  • Complete kit (11 parameters - 100 strips)

  • No over-run effect - excellent performance

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