Our Product Range

TASCO STAR has been supplying laboratory disposables for over a decade, We are specialists in consumables for scientific and industrial laboratories and all sectors of hospitals i.e. microbiology, hematology, cytology & histology. We supply quality products at competitive prices… with a full range of disposables we consider ourselves to be responsible.

Microscope Slides

PCR Tubes

Paper Products

Loops and Spreaders

Suture products

Clinical Waste and Sharp Bins

Sample Cups

Swabs Plain and Media

Serological Pipettes

Universals & Bijous


24 Hour Urine Containers

Pasteur Pipettes

Microscope Slides Cover Slips

Medical Gloves

Cytology Products

Autoclave Bags

Sample Containers

Syringes and Needles

Medical Tourniquets

Water Sampling Jars

Medical Tubes

Pipette Tips Racked

PCR Tubes

Microtitre Plates

Gynecology Products

Cryo Vial Storage

Autoclave Miscellaneous

Plastic Testubes

Cytology Containers and Snap Top Buckets

Urine Kits

Weigh Boats

Caps and Re-Caps

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